Review – The Red Strings Club

Truly charismatic characters are a rare thing to encounter in games. A distinct feeling of connection to fictional people depends on key elements like good writing, laser-sharp timing, and unique perspectives. With all these concepts in place, you’re more likely to be drawn into a story or relate to a character’s motives, and subsequently, remember […]

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End Of A Dead Channel: The Importance Of Cyberpunk 2077 To The Genre

Five years ago, Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the Cyberpunk 2020 pen-and-paper role-playing game that forms the basis of Cyberpunk 2077 told me: “As long as the street needs heroes and heroes are willing to throw the dice to beat impossible odds, the world is going to need cyberpunk.” Done correctly, cyberpunk can help us experience futuristic worlds, amazing […]

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Forgot About Rey

Everyone has an opinion on Star Wars these days. It’s the best thing ever or it’s been ruined. Why did that character do that? Why didn’t they do the thing they did before? How come they acted that way? Where does Vice-Admiral Holdo get her hair done because omfg amirite? It’s easy to get bogged […]

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Review – WWE2K18

In December 1944, Imperial Japanese Army Lieutenant Hiro Onoda was ordered to take the fight of World War II to an island in the Philippines. Disrupt and destroy the enemy by any means necessary, were his orders. But also under no circumstances was he to surrender or take his own life. Months later, his squad […]

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Review – Ruiner

There’s a certain flavour of brutality that some video games possess. An intoxicating river of violence that flows through the gameplay and drives a story through to a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion. It provokes a certain appeal that transforms a potentially generic experience into a bleak, brutal journey of blood, sweat and tears. This is where […]

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